Post Show Services

Refurbishing & Repair

What about trade show exhibit maintenance? With all the shipping, loading and unloading of trade show materials damage can occur. So if it does, we can help. Before we ship your exhibit to your trade show, we will inspect it and ensure that it is in tip-top condition. If your custom trade show exhibit needs a repair, or you would like to change a graphic or rearrange the whole booth, we are happy to assist.

Warehousing and Exhibit Storage

With our national network of facilities and climate-controlled environments we are always close by, so shipping your trade show exhibit is never a problem. Once the show is done, trust us to take care of knowing where the exhibit is, where it needs to go, and getting it shipped on time. Exhibits are inspected and prepared through our custom exhibit preparation procedure when they return from a show—guaranteeing that they are ready to go whenever you need them. Our trade show specialists will check for damage, provide repair or refurbishing services, and update your inventory.


  • Trade show booth shipping
  • Assessment and repacking your trade show booth
  • Labeling for exhibit pieces
  • Tracking all of your shipments