Trade Show Services And Management

On-site Show Management

Essex Design & Display’s pre-show management processes helps guarantee an easy, hassle-free set up and break down of your exhibit.

  • Preparation:  We create a show packet that includes booth numbers, booth size, show regulations, shipping information and service orders for your files.  We also include all receipts by vendors, utility drawings indicating locations of all electrical, air, and plumbing connections along with all other pertinent information regarding that specific venue.
  • Test & Review:  Prior to all supervised exhibit installations, a pre-tradeshow meeting is held at our facility to review all aspects regarding the event including; a practice booth set-up, a review of packing list for both booth layout plans and any special client requests for that particular event.
  • On-site Assembly And Break Down:  When we have a Essex Design & Display staff member onsite to oversee and assist with the unpacking, assembly, dismantling and packing up of your exhibit, we guarantee a smoothly executed process.  We handle everything for you so when you show up at the event you don’t need to worry about a thing.
  • Showtime Support: The Essex Design & Display supervisor remains on site throughout the duration of the show.  He/she will provide all contact information to the exhibitor and remain available for any client requests that may surface during the event.
  • Post-show Inspections And Storage: When the show has finished, we will fully inspect and pack your display in their specially designed crates to ensure safe shipping back to the storage facility.  Essex Design & Display also has the ability to store them for you at a convenient location.  This allows for quick and easy accessibility to your display the next time you need it.
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